In questi giorni abbiamo avuto il piacere di riceve nel nostro laboratorio Nina O’Brien, sciatrice statunitense di coppa del mondo, che dopo la terribile caduta durante le Olimpiadi di Pechino, sta proseguendo il suo percorso verso il rientro alle gare.
Qui di seguito abbiamo riportato una rapida intervista fatta da noi riguardo la sua esperienza in Ortholabsport:
– Is it your first time here in Ortholabsport? And what do you think about the Ortholab’s service?
· It’s been awesome. Every worker here is being so nice and so helpful to me, everything round working with carbon fibre (shin guards to foot pads), and yes, they take really carry me.

– How do you rate the service from (1 to 10)?
· 11! They really understand exactly what I needed.

– In the future would you continue with Ortholabsport for other helps?
· Absolutly, I would definitely come back. It’s important to have a good relation and dialogue, giving feedback to adjust something or to improve other things. I think it’s the best solution.


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