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Experience and Competence

We support all athletes to improve performance and to help them to reach their goal thanks to our orthopedic insoles and custom protections.
We particularly focus on running, cycling and winter sports.

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About Us

Ortholabsport is the first orthopedic sports company in Italy to specialize in making orthopedic insoles and custom protection. The goal is to improve performance in the sports world.
Stefano Duchini launched the business back in 2005. Over the years we’ve developed new, all the more innovative working techniques and, thanks to the feedback from our professional athletes, we managed to upgrade our knowledge and the way we work on foot pads, braces and protections to get wins in the sport, becoming leaders in both Italy and Europe.

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Our partnership

Our method

Personalized assessment

After an accuracy test, we create customized orthopedic solutions. These solutions are the result of a extensive research on materials, on developing ever more innovative products to improve performance.

Qualified personnel

Our team is made up of qualified people boasting solid experience in orthopedics/posture and sports medicine.

Rehabilitation machines

We also have machines for rent for post-traumatic rehabilitation aimed at fully restoring functionality and motor activity.

Our champions

Thanks to our knowledge gained over the years, we developed a partnership with some of the most famous athlete in the world helping them to become winners.


Our orthopedic sports center is home to the custom assessment center and the store with all our products for all sport disciplines.

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Our products

Personalized orthopedic insoles

The fist touch point between foot and shoe is fundamental for the improvement of sporting performance and it is also useful when it comes to preventing any possible aches.
Ortholabsport offers its expert staff specializing in posture assessment and its machines to measure and create the best custom orthopedic insoles, designed to satisfy every need.

Ortholabsport realizza anche tutori su misura

Orthopedic braces

Our braces are researched and designed to improve performance, to recover from injuries and to have more assistance during exercise. The production process is extremely precise and the main focus is on striking the right balance between stiffness, comfort and safety.
Our braces are made with different materials, thus adapting better to every movement.

Custom protections

For many years we have worked alongside numerous talents in the world of soccer, basketball, skiing and many other sports, leading us to develop a sector dedicated to custom-made protections, made with special materials that can be shaped according to every need and function, to support the athlete, make him feel protected, safe and therefore ready to win.



The posture assessment consists of obtaining a detailed history of the athlete/patient, and the most appropriate actions to be taken are identified through the right tests, with the aim of promoting the body’s sensory readjustment and improving posture.
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Baropodometric and gait analyses are performed at our Ortholabsport center.
Ortholabsport uses the equipment with the latest technology to perform the analyses.
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At Ortholabsport’s laboratories you can rent rehabilitation machines aimed at achieving the full recovery of functionality and motor activity after a traumatic event.
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The Running Lab is the Ortholabsport’s service that consists of an in-depth postural and biomechanical evaluation of the race performed by a specialist in Sports Medicine.
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The Ciclyng Lab is an Ortholabsport’s service that consists in biomechanical analysis of pedaling, the correct cycling position to optimize the riding experience.
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Where we are

Sport Orthopedic Center

internal court
Corso San Gottardo, 3 – 20136 Milan
Tel +39 02 58107732

Ortholabsport Store

street side
Corso San Gottardo, 3 – 20136 Milan
Tel +39 02 58107732

Cycling Lab

internal court
Corso San Gottardo, 3 – 20136 Milan
Tel +39 02 58107732

Auxologico Meda Riabilitazione

Corso della Resistenza, 23 – 20821 Meda MB
Tel +39 02 619112500
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