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About Us

Ortholabsport is the first orthopedic sports company in Italy to specialize in making orthopedic insoles and custom protection. The goal is to improve performance in the sports world.
Stefano Duchini launched the business back in 2005. Over the years we’ve developed new, all the more innovative working techniques and, thanks to the feedback from our professional athletes, we managed to upgrade our knowledge and the way we work on foot pads, braces and protections to get wins in the sport, becoming leaders in both Italy and Europe.



Stefano Duchini

Founder and CEO of Ortholabsport, with skills in business strategy and new business development.
Always attentive to innovation and constantly on the lookout for equipment and materials
to support the company’s activities, he is also an Orthopedic Technician, and provides
assessments to patients and athletes of national and European fame.


Alessandra Sestini

CEO of Ortholabsport, with managerial skills in finance, administration and marketing.

She is also a Doctor specialized in Orthopedic and Posturology Techniques.


Il nostro staff di tecnici ortopedici condivide la passione sacra per lo sport e concentra le competenze su soluzioni innovative,
continuando ad investire sull’aspetto artigianale e su quello dell’unicità del prodotto.

The customized evaluation center

Our highly specialized evaluation center designs and produces custom-made orthotics, carbon orthoses, braces and protections made with a wide range of materials designed specifically to achieve the highest performance.

Sports well-being is always the primary objective of Ortholabsport’s activities.